Unable to differentiate between Addon domain, Sub domain and Parked Domain




Confused as they look similar



You can create an Addon domain from your cPanel. An add on domain allows you to run a separate web site to your primary domain. The add-on domain will be hosted or pointed to a folder in your public_html folder of your main-domain. The Add-on domain should be already registered and the nameservers for the add-on domain should be pointing the same nameserves as your

When you create an add on domain, it makes a folder in your public_html  folder and you upload the site content into that folder. So essentially you  are running 2 separate sites, separate content, off one account.

3 ways of accessing an Addon domain:


If your primary is and you create addon domain The addon domain is pointed to the addon domain folder under public_html

In the address bar if you type it will resolve to the content in the addon domain folder and in the address bar you will see

An add-on domain use the space and bandwidth available to the main domain.


You can create a Sub-domain from your cPanel. A sub domain utilises the existing main domain name. It does not have its own domain name. A sub domain points to a folder in your public_html directory of your main-domain. Consider your main domain ”” and you have a folder “forum”  under your public_html directory. You can create a sub domain “”. You can directly reach the forum page by accessing “”. We know that “”, ””. These are sub domains for and

A subdomain doesn’t have its own email accounts.


You can create a Parked domain from your cPanel. A Parked domain is an additional domain that points to main directory of your account. A parked  domain will resolve to your primary domain name. It is an other domain which is parked on to the main domain. Consider a domain ””  which is parked on the “”. If we access it will be directed to the and you will get the same page as you see while accessing The parked domain should also point to the same nameservers as the The park domain name should be registered. A parked domain can have its own email account.

Additional Information

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