I wish to retrieve my hosting account details from Billing System.


You are unable to login to your Hosting Control Panel


The current username and password is incorrect.


You may check the hosting control panel credentials by logging in to your account with us via WHMCS (Billing System). Kindly follow below steps:

Important Note:- This steps are applicable for all 3 control panel (CPanel / HELM / WebSitePanel )

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Under Client Login, enter the username and password

Step 3: Click Login

Step 4: Go to My Services
– This will display all the services you have with us.

Step 5: Click on  your preferred hosting account

Step 6: Under Login Details key in the New Password

Step 7: Under Confirm Password, enter the same new password

Step 8: Click Update

Additional Information

You may also submit a ticket to our Support Department to request the Hosting account details. We shall ONLY give the hosting account details to the Registered Email.

In the event you do not have access to the Registered Owner Email Address or is no longer valid, please follow article below on: How to change registered email and PIC detail for my domain/hosting