Wish to transfer hosting from other provider to Net Onboard




Do not know the procedure on how to perform the hosting transfer.


If you want to transfer your hosting account from other provider to Net Onboard hosting server, you shall manually backup all the required data such as emails, web pages, databases and etc from your current hosting account and then to repopulate it inside our new hosting account.

Due to the differences of the server configuration, management, resources and etc, we are not able to perform auto-migration process on behalf of the client.

However, for clients who is utilising CPANEL hosting with current provider & the new subscribed hosting plan is Linux hosting package, we can assist you with the migration process by performing a direct migration from your current hosting into our server via the cPanel application. With this auto-migration step, you will not need to do the backup and data repopulate process as mentioned above.

To achieve this, you will need to provide us below information for us to proceed further:

1. Control Panel URL
   2. Hostname / IP
   3. cPanel Username
   4. cPanel Password

However, if this migration method failed, then you need to do the manual backup procedure at your current hosting account and repopulate it back in our server.

Additional Information

You may refer to articles below to have a “similar” manual backup procedure guidance. Please liaise with your current hosting provider for the actual backup procedure as the backup steps may be different from each hosting provider which use different control panel.

How to perform backup for Windows Hosting
How to perform backup for Linux Hosting

If you are still unable to follow the instruction, kindly issue a ticket to Support Team