Not sure with settings of  ASP FormMail




Lack of knowledge with the ASP FormMail


STEP 1: Obtain the ASP FormMail from

STEP 2: There are two files in the zip file (formmail.html and formmail.asp).

STEP 3: Both files must be placed together, you may edit the formmail.html layout to the form that you prefer by adding additional fields or remove the fields.

STEP 4: You may change the value based on your own preferences at formmail.html file.
RecipientEmailAddress – Full Email Address that the feedback form will be sent to.
Email From Webmail – Subject that the email will be.

STEP 5: If you have added any New Field, you will need to append the _requiredFields hidden text field value behind Name, Customer ID, Email, Comments.
E.g: You have added a new text field called “Address”, the value for _requiredFields will be Name, Customer ID, Email, Comments, Address.

STEP 6: If you remove any field then you will also need to remove it from the _requiredFieldshidden text field value.

STEP 7: For formmail.asp, you may open it with notepad and edit the necessary commented values.

Additional Information

ASP FormMail is a generic form to e-mail script, it will parse the contents of almost any HTML form into an e-mail and deliver it to a named recipient.

If you are unable to resolve the problem above, kindly issue a ticket to Support Team.