Dear Our Valued Customers,

We wish to inform you that effective from 1 February 2015, AIMS Data Centre has revised their scope of Level 1 and 2 Smart Hand Services (SHS) and will be as follows:

Level 1
Rate : FREE

• Pushing a button, toggling a switch or setting an externally accessible dip-switch.
• Rebooting or power cycling of the equipment.
• Reading serial numbers on the equipment.
• Relaying status of the equipment status indicators.


Level 2
Rate : RM300.00 per hour (minimum 1 hour is required)

• Providing visual verification (remote eyes) to assist your remote troubleshooting efforts.
• Plugging in a console port for remote management.
• Moving or securing a cable/cables/customer-side cross connects.
• Swapping of pre-labeled , pre-ejected, removable media
• Replacing or verifying connectivity integrity of cross-connection (except if MRC cross connection is subscribed)
• Adding, removing or verifying a demarcation label.
• Performing loopback for the telecommunication circuits. (except if Network Resell / MRC cross connection is subscribed )
• Establishing or taking down a loop-back on a carrier circuit to assist in remote testing.
• Troubleshooting of your equipment with your assistance.
• Taking inventory or taking digital pictures of your equipment or of your allocated rack space within the Data Centre/ providing and updating records.
• Labelling equipment and cable connections.
• Assisting you with your equipment’s physical installation, relocation or movement.
• Shipping and handling RMA equipment.
• Installing, replacing/removing any equipment’s components that are hot-swappable and/or highly modular in design – e.g. router/switch
• Installing or swapping pre-configured equipment or components for you.
• Installing cross-connects from your equipment to patch panels.
• Installing any software provided by you that come with default configurations as according to your instructions.
• Performing diagnostic and signal testing on circuits using diagnostic equipment.
• Performing loop-back testing for telco circuits.
• Performing advanced systems/network configuration/ troubleshooting – e.g. advanced systems or network protocols and services.
• Troubleshooting for advanced operating system and/or application.
• Installing, configuring or troubleshooting of specialised or complex infrastructure components or software applications – e.g. Oracle RDBMS,
• RAID solutions, Fibre-channel devices, firewalls,load-balancers, etc.
• Fully deploying delivered infrastructure, including hardware, software, middleware, and any of the related components.
• Undertaking critical data backup and/or acting to restore operations.
• Providing administration and maintenance services for servers, with platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Redhat Linux, CentOS, etc.
• Providing system configuration, including operating systems and supported software, upgrades as well as service patch updates.
• Installing or troubleshooting of CGI Scripting.
• Providing access to CCTV footage/ access logs
• Assisting with customer’s audit.

This service revision is unavoidable as AIMS are embarking on resources optimization. Rest assured, AIMS will continue to provide you their best service and support possible.