Create new SmarterMail email account using Domain’s Administrator access privilege






STEP 1:    Log in to the SmarterMail web interface as the domain administrator ( e.g. )

STEP 2:    Click the Settings icon.

STEP 3:    Expand the Domain Settings folder.

STEP 4:    Click Users.

STEP 5:    Click New in the content pane toolbar.

STEP 6:    In the Username field, type the desired username.

STEP 7:    In the Authentication Mode field, select the appropriate authentication option from the list.

NOTE: If an active directory is selected, enter the domain name in the Domain field and skip to step 9.

STEP 8:    In the Password and Confirm Password fields, type the password for this account. Be sure to type the same password each time.

STEP 9:    In the Display Name field, type the name that will appear on outgoing messages.

STEP 10:  Enter a Reply-To Email Address, if desired.

STEP 11:  In the Time Zone field, select the appropriate time zone from the list.

STEP 12:  Click Save.

Additional Information 

If you create the SmarterMail email account, kindly submit a ticket to Support Team regarding this issue.