Wish to update the CPanel password to a new complex password


Able to login to CPanel with current password but not sure which button to click to change password


Lack of knowledge in using CPanel


Watch Video Tutorial Link:

STEP 1: Login to the CPanel with current password

STEP 2: Click Change Password icon

STEP 3: In the box to the right of Old Password, enter your old password.

STEP 4: In the box to right of New Password, enter the new password.
The new password should contain combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as numbers and non-numeric symbols for higher security. eg.: aC8#j^&P*6

STEP 5: In the box to the right of New Password (again), re-enter the new password once again for verification.

STEP 6: Click the Change Your Password button.

You may also refer to Retrieve Hosting Account Password from NetOnboard Billing System article to update your credentials via your Client Area in our Billing System.

Additional Information 

We advise client to use a complex combination of password and to update the password routinely eg. every3 months to prevent other people hacking into your Cpanel account.

If you have forgotten the current password and wish to RESET the Cpanel password, please kindly submit ticket to our Support Team or refer this article on how to retrieve the password via Billing System Client Area yourself.