Want to prevent other websites to embed your web site content on their web site which using your bandwidth to serve the files namedly “hotlink”.


Your bandwidth is being utilised when your content is embedded and displayed on other web site


– A hotlink occurs when content from your site is embedded on another site, using your bandwidth to serve the files.
– Someone is using the full URL of your image on their site. Then the image is downloading from your site every time someone looks at their site. This means they are using your bandwidth for the image.


STEP 1: Login to cPanel and click “HotLink Protection”.

STEP 2: Make sure the domain name you wish to protect is in the box called “URLs to allow access“.

STEP 3: In the box called “Block direct access for these extensions“, provide the extensions for which you would like to block.

STEP 4: We suggest you check the box for “Allow direct requests“.

STEP 5: Skip the “Redirect request to this URL” box and hit Submit.

When disabling hotlinks, be sure to allow hotlinking for any necessary domains, such as your website’s subdomains.

Additional Information

To disable hotlink protection, click the Disable button on the main HotLink Protection page.

If the problem still persist, kindly issue a ticket to Support Team