Install Git in a Windows OS.


  1. Windows OS machine
  2. Internet Connection


Step 1: Download Installer

  1. Go to https://git-scm.com/downloads
  2. Choose your operating system.
  3. Go to the directory where you downloaded your installer and select the application.
  4. Select “Next”
  5. On the “Select Components” screen, make sure:
    1. Windows Explorer Integration > Checked
    2. Git LFS (Large File Support) > Checked
    3. Associate .git*…> Checked
    4. Associate .sh files..> Checked
    5. Click Next
  6. On “Choosing the default editor used by Git” screen, select “Use VSC as Git’s default editor”. Then, click “Next”.
  7. Select the second option “Git from the command line and also from 3rd-party software”. Then, click “Next”.
  8. Select “Use OpenSSH”. Then, hit “Next”.
  9. Select “Use the OpenSSL library”. Then, “Next”.
  10. Select “Checkout Windows-style, commit Unix-style line endings”. Then, “Next”.
  11. Select “Use Windows’ default console window”. Then, “Next”.
  12. Enable file system caching > Checked
  13. Enable Git Credential Manager > Checked
  14. Make sure “Enable experimental,…” is unchecked and then hit “Install”.