Automate carbon copy (CC) when sending emails using Microsoft Outlook.


An existing Microsoft Outlook email account.


Step 1: Create a New Outlook Rule

Login to your Microsoft Outlook account. Then, navigate to File > Info > Manage Rules & Alerts. Then, create a new rule by selecting New Rule…

Step 2: Configuring the Rules Wizard

In the Rules Wizard, under “Start from a blank rule”, select “Apply rule on messages I send”.

The, skip the Conditions page by simply clicking on Next.

Please note that this rule will be applied to all messages that you send.

In the Actions page, tick the “Cc the message to people or public group”.

Next, select “People or public group” hyperlink and click on Next.

Afterwards, on the Rule Address page, enter the email addresses that will be receiving these email copies. Then, select OK.

Skip the Exceptions page by clicking on Next. Then, you can insert a new name for this rule.

Ensure that the rule is activated by checking the “Turn on this rule” box.

Finally, you can verify the rule by sending a test email to any user, the specified recipient in the rule shall also receive the same copy.