Cannot connect to the remote server, the connection is actively refused by the server


  • Misconfigured server
  • Misconfigured full server
  • Incorrect port specified by user
  • Caused by a firewall or antivirus program that present on the local computer or network connection, either one is blocking the ports


Step 1: Switch the data connection port
  • Change the data connection type from passive (PASV) mode to active (PORT) mode
  • If the data connection type has change and it do not help to solve the problem, you may need to change back to the default settings
Step 2: Disable the firewall or antivirus software

Disable the firewall or antivirus software during the FTP connection or configure it to allow FTP traffic on ports 20 and 21

  • Please contact your firewall or antivirus software technical support for further instructions before you make any configuration
Step 3: Contact NET/Site Administrator

If the problem remains, please contact the site administrator where you are trying to connect.