Cannot connect to remote server.


  • Caused by a blocked port
    • An incorrect setting for the data connection type
  • Unusually large file list


Step 1: Change data Connection type

Change the data connection type from passive (PASV) mode to active (PORT) mode.

  • If the data connection type has change and it do not help to solve the problem, you may need to change back to the default settings
Step 2: Configure Firewall

Configure your firewall so that the FTP protocol is allowed

  • At least, you need to allowed FTP traffic on ports 20 and 21.
  • Before you make a configuration, you may need to contact to your firewall program technical support to get some helpful information or suggestions.

Step 3: Increase Transfer Timeout

Increase the transfer timeout settings to allow more time needed for waiting the FTP server to list out the directory with large amount of files.