• Most common cause is an incorrect URL insert by users
  • A slow connection or connectivity issues


Step 1: Retry the web page

by tapping the revive button or attempting the URL from the location bar once more. Commonly a moderate association causes a delay that prompts the 408 Request Timeout Error and this is regularly just brief. Attempting the page again will be effective.

Step 2: Internet connection could force page-load delays

Visit another site like Google or Yahoo. On the off chance that the pages load as quick as would be expected to stack, the issue provoking the 408 Request Timeout error is most likely with the site.

Step 3: If all websites are running slow

Run on web speed test to benchmark your present data transfer capacity or contact your Internet Service Provider for specialised help.

Step 4: Come back later

The 408 Request Timeout error is a typical error message on exceptionally well known sites when a gigantic increment in rush hour gridlock by guests is overpowering the servers. As guests leave the sites, the odds of an effective page load for you increments.

Step 5: Contact NET

Acknowledge NET Support about the 408 Request Timeout error message.