413 Payload too large. The request is too big for the server to process.


The request is larger than the server is willing or able to process. Previously called “Request Entity Too Large”.



Step 1: Modified LimitRequestBody

Find the directives name LimitRequestBody. This directive provides the same functionality as client_max_body_size in that you are able to restrict the size of an HTTP REQUEST

    1. It can be defined in the http.conf file or .htaccess file. By default it will be 0, however you may set the value whatever you like. For example, restrict request larger than 100mb = LimitRequestBody 104857600


Step 1: Open The nginx.conf

The directive that determine the allowable HTTP request size can be is client_max_body_size. This can be found at the nginx.conf file which located at /etc/nginx/nginx.conf.

Step 2: Change The Value Of client_max_body_size

The default value for this directive 1M (1 Megabyte), you can change whatever you like, for example client_max_body_size 100M

Step 3: Save The Changes

Save the changes, and run the following command : service nginx reload.