Loop Detected. It means the server terminated the operation as it detected an infinite loop during processing a request.


  • website traffic spike
  • Hosting provider has limits lower than the requirement of your website
  • Rogue process, back-end job or cron jobs that are on-going and impacting on your resource usage
  • Web crawlers, search engine or Denial of Service (DoS) Attack
  • Poorly scripted plugins or code


Step 1: Check Server Has Enough Resource

Check your server has enough resource like memory, disk space and processing power. Your hosting provider should be able to assist you in this investigation.

Step 2: Verify The Attack

Verify that an attack is not causing the resource shortage.

Step 3:  Check The Analytics Page

Check the Analytics page and see if requests are being served in cache. Try increasing the caching with pages to help offload request/bandwidth.

Step 4: Block IP Address

If the majority of the requests are coming from a specific IP address, block the IP address in your firewall.

Step 5: Contact NET

Please contact NET Support and request your origin web server error logs and review them for HTTP status codes that match the error.

Step 6: Disable Plugins Or Modules

Disable unnecessary plugins or modules in your website to lower resource usage.

Step 7: Upgrade Hosting Plan

Upgrade your hosting plan to an option with higher server resource limits.