This code may given in the Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) protocol.


  • A default settings in the EWS web.config file that restricts the size of message or attachments that can be injected.
  •  The server cannot store the representation expected to effectively finish the request.


Step 1: Restrict The Size Of Image

Client Access Server (CAS) have their own attachment size limits that restrict the size of messages and attachments that can be injected into Exchanges mailboxes.

Step 2: Increase The Limit

By default, CAS server only accept email that has a combined attachment for 64 MB, so there is a high possibility that the attachments can easily exceed the limit.

    1. So we need to increase the combined attachment limit is possible by modifying the Maximum Allowed Content Length Value.
    2. This attribute need to be modified in both CAS and mailbox since there is two Exchange Server.