• At least one migrating user doesn’t exist in your G Suite account or can’t be accessed in G Suite.


Find the affected user in the logs and check the following for the user:

Step 1: Verify The User Existence

Verify in the Google Admin console the user exists in G Suite. Ensure the domain name is correct and isn’t an alias.

Step 2: Ensure User Account Has Primary Email Address

Ensure the user account has the user’s primary email address and not an email alias.

Step 3: Ensure CSV File Is Properly Formatted

Make sure the CSV file you’re using is properly formatted. For details, see Create a control CSV file for user accounts.

Step 4: Verify OAuth Consumer Key

Verify your OAuth consumer key is enabled.

Step 5: Ensure API Scopes

Ensure all API scopes specified in Authorize GSMME for your account are enabled.