A client or browser is blocked by a Cloudflare customer’s Firewall Rules.


If You Are Not The Website Owner:

Step 1: Provide A Screenshot

provide the website owner with a screenshot of the 1020 error message you received.

If You Are The Website Owner:

Step 1: Retrieve A Screenshot

Retrieve a screenshot of the 1020 error from your customer

Step 2: Search The Firewall Events Logs

Search the Firewall Events Log within the Overview tab of your Cloudflare Firewall app for the RayID or client IP Address from the visitor’s 1020 error message.

Step 3: Update The Firewall Rule

Assess the cause of the block and either update the Firewall Rule or whitelist the visitor’s IP address in IP Access Rules.

Step 4: Convert UTC Timestamp

Convert the UTC timestamp of the 1020 error to your local timezone when searching in the Firewall Events Log.