Renew your domain / hosting plan / other services with Net Onboard Sdn Bhd (NET).


  1. Access to your Billing account.


STEP 1: Our Billing System will automatically send a renewal notification and invoice to your registered email address 1 month prior the expiration date.

You will just need to ensure your registered email is accessible / valid within the billing system and be alert for any email notifications sent by NET.

If you wish to renew your services prior to the invoice is generated, you may contact the our billing department at tickets.netonboard.com where we shall manually generate the invoice for you.

STEP 2: You can login to http://billing.netonboard.com/clientarea.php to retrieve your Proforma Invoice with payment instructions and proceed with the payment deposit to our bank account.

STEP 3: If you have any credit balance available in the billing system, you may apply these credits to any unpaid invoices to lessen the amount needed to pay.

Note: The actual renewal process is not completed yet at this stage. You will require to inform us on the payment made to allow us to carry out with the renewal.

STEP 4: Alternatively, If you wish to pay online – via credit card / paypal, change the Payment Method of the proforma invoice (top right corner), and the system will direct you to the payment gateway to complete the transaction.