Enable payments to be made via Paypal / Credit Card.




You may change the method of payment of existing unpaid invoice by logging in to your account with us via WHMCS (Billing System). Kindly follow below steps:

STEP 1:  Go to http://billing.netonboard.com/clientarea.php

STEP 2: Under Client Login, enter the username and password

STEP 3: Click Login

STEP 4: After login, Go to My Invoices
  – This will list down all your invoices

STEP 5: Click on the Invoice Number or View Invoice link for the invoice you wish to pay

STEP 6: On the top right invoice corner, below the word Unpaid, change the payment status to PayPal

STEP 7:  will appear.

STEP 8: Click on  and the system will forward you to PayPal payment gateway. Follow the steps on screen to pay via Paypal.