Change DNS Management To A DNS Host Outside Office 365

Step 1: Sign In

Sign in to the domain registrar for your domain

Step 2: Update The Nameservers

Discover the region on the registrar website where you update your nameservers records and update the nameservers to highlight your domain DNS Host

Step 3: Enter Setup Wizard

Follow a link to enter the setup wizard

Step 4: Domain Page

In admin center, go to the Settings -> Domain Page

Step 5: DNS Management

On the Domains Page, Select the domain that you gonna switch, then select DNS Management

Step 6: Manage My Own DNS Records

In the domains setup wizard, on the Set up your online services page, select I’ll manage my own DNS records, then select Next

Step 7: Add DNS Records

Add the DNS record that suggested by the wizard on the Update DNS Settings page to your registrar website

Step 8: Verify

After added the records, go back to Office 365 to verify

Change DNS Management To Office 365

Step 1: Domains Page

In Admin Center, go to settings -> Domains Page

Step 2: DNS Management

On the Domain page, select the domain that you want to switch, and select DNS Management

Step 3: My Online Services

In Domain setup wizard, on the Set Up your online services page, Select Set up my online services for me, then select Next

Step 4: Follow Instructions

If you have not verified the domain yet, follow the instructions to do so

Step 5: Update Nameservers

On the Update DNS settings page, we list the nameservers for Office 365. Go to the domain registrar for your domain, and update the nameservers to Office 365 nameservers.

Step 6: Verify

After updated the nameservers, wait at least an one hour. Then back in the wizard in Office 365, select Verify