Install SmarterMail 7.x into your Windows Cloud Server






SmarterMail requires the Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 in order to function properly.  The automated installation utility will install the .Net Framework if it is required.

Installing SmarterMail

Follow these steps to install SmarterMail:

STEP 1: Download the SmarterMail installer file from the SmarterMail Download page.

STEP 2: Run the SmarterMail installer.

STEP 3: Review the End User License Agreement (EULA) and accept the terms of the EULA to continue.

STEP 4: Unless you choose a different installation folder, the default installation path will be C:\Program files\SmarterTools\SmarterMail.

STEP 5: After the InstallShield Wizard runs, SmarterMail is installed. You will now need to run and complete the Setup Wizard.

Running the Setup Wizard

After the InstallShield Wizard is finished installing SmarterMail, the Setup Wizard will open. The Setup Wizard will walk you through the activation of the product and help you set up the hostname, system administrator username and password, DNS servers, default file path for SmarterMail, Clam AV, spam profiles, and greylisting.

NOTE: SmarterMail 7.x no longer includes SpamAssassin for Windows. However, SmarterMail now uses a SpamAssassin-based pattern matching engine, which results in easier maintenance and faster performance. The Setup Wizard will help you select new spam settings and take advantage of the latest antispam measures available in SmarterMail.

Once you have completed the Setup Wizard, you will automatically be logged in to SmarterMail as the system administrator.

Additional Information

If you need further assistance, kindly submit a ticket to Support Team regarding this issue.