Check loading speeds of the targeted website with Google Chrome Browser.


Step 1: Start by Clearing Browsing Data

Before initializing any tests on the loading speeds, clearing Browsing Cache and History of the Google Chrome Browser is a good practice for more accurate test results. It can be accessed with the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl+Shift+Del” or follow the screenshot below.

Step 2: Clear Cache

Another window will be opened and a box will be prompted with the available options for clearing browser data. Select any time range you desire and make sure that “Cache Image and Files” is selected and checked, proceed and click the “Clear data” button on the bottom right of the box to start clearing.

Step 3: Use Incognito Mode

It is recommended to do the testing in Incognito Mode so that the browser is not using any cache and cookies to load the website. Incognito mode can be accessed with the keyboard shortcut of “Ctrl+Shift+N” or follow the Screenshot attached below.

Step 4: Start the test

Google Chrome’s console tools can be accessed with the shortcut “Ctrl+Shift+C”, and switch to the “Network” tab to begin testing. Type the domain or the URL of the website on the domain space and press “Enter “. The results will be shown and you should focus on the “Waterfall” section to view the load time of each element when it is highlighted with the cursor.

Example result of an element: